Finglinna Studios stained glass
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Paddy Robinson
Training and Employment

1961-1964 College Dip (Stained Glass under Edward Marr) Belfast College of Art
1964-1965 Art Teacher’s Diploma (N.I.) Belfast College of Art
1965-1966 Art Teacher –NSW Dept of Education
1966-1968 Stained Glass Artist Ars Sacra Studios (Stephen Moor)
1968-1973 Stained Glass Artist Eroica Studios (David Saunders)
1973- Present  Started Glin Studio
1989-Present   Formed Finglinna Studios with Neil Finn
1979-1988   Lecturer in Glass at Nepean CAE
2002- Present  Part-time Drawing and Design Teacher Western Institute of TAFE ,Bathurst Campus
2012- Present- private architectural glass classes
Bridget Thomas
Training and Employment

2005-2008- Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons), Glass, Australian National University
2006- 2013- Coldworking for various artists- Mathew Curtis, Jenny Martinello, Holly Grace, Clare Belfrage, Mel George, Warren Langley, Jane Cowie, Jonathon Baskett, Ben and Kathy Edols, Tom Rowney, Lisa Cahill, Canberra Glassworks.
2004- present- working as a glass artist at Finglinna Studios.
2008-present- Teaching adult and kids glass classes at Canberra Glassworks.
2012- present- Teaching sandblasting, printmaking and design at Western Institute of TAFE, Bathurst and Orange campuses and the Girrawaa Creative Arts Centre, Bathurst Correctional Faciltiy.
2013- Training and Assessment certificate.
Kath Lenz
Training and Employment

2003- Present- training and working in Finglinna Studios. Cutting, leading, laminating, sandblasting and finishing architectural glass- good colourist!
2012- designed and carried out stained glass windows in private residence.
2013-2014- designed and carried out stained glass panels in door, private residence.
Bridget Thomas stained glass artist
Kath Lenz stained glass artist
Paddy Robinson stained glass artist