Finglinna Studios
Paddy Robinson of Finglinna Studios has been designing, creating and installing stained glass windows, and other glass works, in New South Wales and throughout Australia since 1973.

In her early career she worked with Stephen Moor and David Saunders, before forming Finglinna Studios with Neil Finn in 1989.

She trained in stained glass with Edward Marr in Belfast, N. Ireland and later in engraving with Anne Dybka in Sydney.

Her work  includes architectural glass commissions in many techniques- slab glass-dalles de verre, painting, engraving, laminating, sandblasting as well as exhibition works which have been created in engraved, painted, fused, slumped,  laminated, cast glass and currently working in knitted and embroidered fibre glass. Her exhibition work is usually highly personal in imagery. Her commission work, usually in public buildings, such as churches or clubs is either modern or traditional in style and technique, this work is placed architecturally throughout NSW.

Her exhibition work has been collected in Australia, America, Britain and the Czech Republic. She worked from Sydney for many years and now lives and works from her Sofala studio in the Central West of N.S.W. She was instrumental in beginning teaching architectural and stained glass at Nepean CAE (later University of Western Sydney) and since moving out of Sydney has taught privately and at the Western Institute of TAFE.

Bridget Thomas, Paddys daughter, has also been working with her for 12 years and has exhibited across Australia after finishing her Honours degree in glass at the Australian National University, Canberra, in 2008. Bridget has worked for many prominant glass artists in Canberra and the Canberra Glassworks and is now full time at Finglinna Studios, as well as teaching in Visual Arts and Glass around Bathurst and the Central West.
St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Gosford
St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Gosford
St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Gosford